Lincoln County Community Information

Below you will find important contact information for our public agencies in Lincoln County, Wyoming.

School Districts
Lincoln County School District #1 (Cokeville, Kemmerer) 307-877-4931
Lincoln County #2 (Afton, Alpine, Thayne) 307-885-3811


South Lincoln Medical Center (Kemmerer)   307-877-4401
Star Valley Medical Center (Afton)    307-885-5852
Star Valley Medical Alpine Clinic (Alpine) 307-654-5852
Star Valley Medical Thayne Clinic (Thayne) 307-883-5852


Electric & Gas Utilities
Colorado Interstate Gas Co. (Kemmerer) 307-877-3434
Lower Valley Energy (Afton)   307-885-3175
Questar Gas Co. (Kemmerer) 307-877-3155


Propane Utilities
Fall River Propane (Etna) 307-883-5511
High Country Propane (Afton) 307-885-5432
Salt River Propane (Thayne) 307-883-8777
T-7 Propane (Kemmerer) 307-789-2707


Valley Sanitation (Smoot) 307-886-9235
Star Valley Disposal (Afton) 307-885-9645


Water / Sewer Billing
Town of Afton (Utilities) 307-885-9698
Town of Star Valley Ranch (Water) 307-880-9283


City and Town Information
Town of Afton 307-885-8696
Town of Alpine 307-654-7757
Teton County Clerk 307.733.4430
City of Cokeville 307-279-3227
Town of Diamondville 307-877-6676
Town of LaBarge 307-386-2043
Town of Opal 307-877-3919
Town of Star Valley Ranch 307-883-8696
Town of Thayne 307-883-2668
Lincoln County Assessor 800-442-9001
Lincoln County Clerk 307-877-9036
Lincoln County Treasurer 307-877-2040
Planning and Development (Lincoln County) 307-885-3106


Fire Protection
Afton Volunteer Fire Department 307-885-3584
Alpine Fire District 307-654-7581
South Lincoln Fire District (Kemmerer) 307-877-3442


Police Departments
Afton Police Department 307-885-3141
Cokeville Police Department 307-279-3209
Kemmerer Police Department 307-828-2340
Wyoming Highway Patrol 307-789-3119
Lincoln County Sheriff (Afton) 307-885-5231


Vehicle Registration (Afton) 307-885-3825
Driver's Licenses (Kemmerer) 307-877-9372
Driver's Licenses (Thayne) 307-883-5003